☀️ Your all-time Summer favourites now back in stock! ☀️

Every day is Braai Day

Howzit everyone,

We hope you are having a lekker weekend so far and managing to keep cool with these humid European Summer days. ☀️ The best part of summer for every South African is... EVERY DAY is Braai Day, because it's way too hot to be cooking anything in a kitchen... not that we need an excuse to braai, even if it's just a little 'tjoppie and braai-broodjie 😋 it's totally worth lighting the fire for.

Let us share with you our latest braai favourites:

Iwisa - the best super maize meal to make krimmel pap - easy enough to make on the braai alongside your vleis.

Miami Boerie Relish with chilli - this relish is mncaaaah! Sommer heat it in the tin on the open flame. perfect accompaniment to your krimmel pap.

Castle Lite - no braai is complete without a beer or two. Castle crisp premium beer is smooth drinking and necessary to douse the fire if your flame starts getting out of control.

That's it from us for now... check out our full list braai favourites of the week below.

We would love to see some photos of you enjoying some of these new favourites, or any photos of you just having a braai or making something nostalgic, so please share these with us or post them to our Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/southafricanfooddrinkloverseurope)

❤️ We have an awesome community here and we love hearing and seeing about things you do to remind you of home 🇿🇦