☀️ Your all-time Summer favourites now back in stock! ☀️

Feel the Love

Howzit to all you amazing people,


What is Love? To us, it's getting together with our friends and family, gathering around a fire, sharing food, and creating memories. We believe that food is more than just sustenance for the body... Food is the common bond that brings us together, the thing that sets the scene for some of the most connected moments in our lives, and that is why we love and live for what we do! Nothing makes us happier than being able to share the things that we love, to bring you the joy and love that SA food brings to us! 💗

We are only a few days away from Valentines Day... and we have loads of new goodies in store to knock your socks off!

We’ll get what you adore…to your door.

Not sure what to get? We've got you covered!


Here are our top 5 gift ideas....

💙For Him:

1. We have the best Irish Biltong, Chilli Bites and Droewors right here in Spain. The perfect spoil for any guy!

2. Marina Braai Salt gift pack - let him try all the flavours and see which one he likes best.

3. A selection of Rooibaard Chilli sauces - New to our store, these sauces are sure to light a fire to any man's heart.

4. Klippies 'n Cola - To soothe the burning from the Rooibaard of course 😂

5. And a lekker variety of Crisps - for midnight snacking and pre-braai nibbling.


💜For Her:

1. Sally Williams Nougat -- 'the sweetest softest way to brighten someone's day!

2. Romany Creams - made with love for 170 years.

3. Fruit dainties - the perfect fat free snack to satisfy all your fruity cravings.

4. Savanna Light - Because every gal needs to embrace the lighter side of life!

5. Amarula - To give her the warm, exotic, rich and inherently shareable Spirit of Africa, nothing will go down smoother.


We hope these items have sparked some ideas for you all, Be it, putting together a loving little hamper for your special someone, or just sharing a nostalgic meal with your favourite people, we are here for you - always!


Otherwise have a fantastic rest of your week and weekend ahead, and a beautiful love filled Valentines day! 


Stay awesome and much love from all of us at 🇿🇦SA2EU 🇪🇺xx