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All Gold Tomato Sauce 350ml Bottle - SA2EU

All Gold Tomato Sauce 350ml Bottle

Best Before: 21.01.2026
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Made with tomatoes grown in South African sunshine.  Even your Ouma grew up eating this tomato sauce. Lash it on your boerie rolls or shake a blob to dip your chips, this goes well on top, inside or on the side of your favourite dishes.

No preservatives, colourants or thickeners, just crammed full of sun-ripened tomato goodness.

 In 1908, South Africa’s most iconic tomato sauce was launched. The unique recipe was brought to South Africa by Scottish chemist, John Semble. Produced by H. Jones and Company, a jam manufacturing company in Paarl. From humble beginnings in the Western Cape, this well-loved product was originally manufactured by lowering muslin bags filled with herbs and spices into pots of ripe, freshly crushed tomatoes. In 1947, the royal family was treated to the delights of All Gold on their first visit to South Africa by reigning monarch King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. They were treated to the delights of All Gold on the Royal Train. In 2007, All Gold was rated as one of the top brands in South Africa.