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Recipes & News

  • Fresh Oat Pancakes

    High in energy, these pancakes will fuel your body and give you the perfect start to your day.
  • Barbecue Ribs With Peanut-Chili Sauce

    Who said peanut butter was only for sandwiches? Try these moreish BBQ chilli ribs with peanut sauce to take your braai to a peanut-powered level!
  • Amarula Drenched Tiramisu Cake

    A classic Italian dessert with an Amarula twist.
  • Feel the Love

    Howzit to all you amazing people,   What is Love? To us, it's getting together with our friends and family, gathering around a fire, sharing food,...
  • Every day is Braai Day

    A true South African needs no excuse to Braai...