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Jimmy's Steakhouse Sauce 375ml Bottle - SA2EU

Jimmy's Steakhouse Sauce 375ml Bottle

Best Before: 25.10.2024
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SA's NO.1 selling Steak Sauce!! THIS IS THE STUFF!!!

Main achievements: '2015 World Champion Steak Sauce' award title at the World Hot Sauce Awards, Louisiana, USA; and '2017 Champion Steak Sauce' at the World Flava Awards in Michigan, USA for our original Steakhouse Sauce.

Still South Africa's top-selling marinade. Jimmy's Sauces has become a household name known for it's quality and versatile sauces. No meal is complete without a Jimmy's sauce, it can be used in every dish imaginable, and truly loved by all 'Jimmyholics' around the world. Now we are manufacturing our amazing sauces in Europe for your enjoyment.