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MOIR'S GREENGAGE JELLY 80G - South Africa 2 You

Moir's Greengage Jelly 80g

Best Before: 30.09.2024
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Moir’s Fruity Jellies are wobbly indeed, but they taste so good! Perfect when drowned in custard or ice cream. Actually, why not both?!

Moir’s Fruity Jelly come in a variety of flavours and are great for an anytime treat.

We need to go all the way back to the nineteenth century to start the Moir’s journey. It was then that John Moir, a Scotsman, started making fruit flavoured jellies. It gained popularity quickly and in such an overwhelming number, that he was forced to expand. The first jellies were produced in a factory in Woodstock after the First World War and by 1950 it had moved to Ndabeni. Today, Moir’s has formed part of Pioneer Foods and is the leading brand when it comes to jellies, puddings and other dessert goods.